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Exciting Update

Hope you're all safe and sound & enjoying the Fall season wherever you are!


We have two exciting announcements for you guys.

Update #1:

We are in the process of auditioning a potential new siren! We're in the very early stages of rehearsal--there's a ton to do--and right now she is working on learning vocal parts for our show-staple songs. We are very excited to see how it all pans out and will keep you updated as things progress.

Update #2: In a year of canceled shows, we're missing you guys terribly, and we know it's been rough for everyone. Renaissance Festivals, family & friend outings, and music are all wonderful ways to lift spirits and make happy memories. We're so happy to be able to do what we do for a living and perform for all of you across the country. Right now, though, we don't know when the next Sirena appearance will be. But here's some good news!


We have started an additional music project that we'd love to introduce you to.

A Brief Look at Valkyrik!

Valkyrik is an all-new music act that takes inspiration from Norse & Viking lore. The songs feature war drums and driving melodies meant to get you up and moving. And if you're itching for some live music, we will be performing Valkyrik at the Sun Coast Renaissance festival in Sarasota, FL this November!

If you can't make it to the festival, you can check out more info on Valkyrik's website.

And more exciting news: we're releasing a full-length album for Valkyrik! You can pre-order the album through our Kickstarter, which will be live in a few days. It'll also be a way for you to get exclusive Valkyrik merch like Digital Downloads, Limited Edition T-shirts, Behind-The-Scenes Videos & Photos, Hand-Forged Valkyrik Pendants, and more.

Click the image below to be notified with updates!

Thank you all for sticking with us through this challenging year.

We will keep you posted with all the Sirena updates, and if you're interested in Valkyrik news,

Follow Valkyrik's Social Media




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