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Season's Greetings!

We're so happy to have you!

Whether naughty or nice, we hope you're enjoying a wonderful winter season.

We are currently booking our 2020 tour!

One of the things we see all the time on our page is people asking us to come to their festival. Thank you, friends! We would love to see you, too!

The BEST way to make that happen?


If you let them know you want to see us, they'll be more interested in having us there.

So let's go, gang! We want to see you next year, too!


Gary Defeyter took a video of us performing 'Storm Song' at the Sarasota Medieval Faire. He posted it on his private facebook page to show it to his wife, but a friend of his asked him to make it shareable. Next thing we knew, the video was getting shared all over the place, and at last glance, it had 1,295,777 views.

We launched our facebook page in 2012 and have been figuring out how best to utilize it ever since. It's still a work in progress for us (what do people want from bands on FB?), but we've hit the huge milestone of 10k followers!

It's hard to believe it's been eight years since we performed our first show--nine if you count the preview we did for family and friends in the winter of 2011. To our oldest fans, thank you for sticking with us. To our newest fans, welcome to the family! Here's to the next 940 shows!

Check it out!

We no longer carry physical copies of this mini album, but you can download the digital version for $4.99 on


Favorite holiday drink: My mom's homemade hot chocolate (made with milk, not water) combined with marshmallow vodka.

Favorite holiday song: An Angel Came Down by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was the first track on the cd my mom played when we decorated the Christmas tree every year.

Least favorite holiday song: All I Want For Christmas Is You. Self-explanatory. (*Tegan, here. At first, I mistook this for Sam's answer for FAVORITE Christmas song, and our friendship was almost over.)

Favorite holiday movie: Die Hard. And The Santa Claus.

Are you a good gift-giver? When I remember to think of it early enough, yes. Due to schedule and lack of planning, I usually think of gifts a bit too late and end up scrapping stuff together. Still good.But not as good.

Favorite holiday tradition: My mom and I always have our own little mini Christmas celebration just the two of us on Christmas Day.

Favorite holiday cookie: The peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's Kisses on them!

Favorite holiday drink:

Mulled wine and hot apple cider are definitely on the top. The way the room fills with the smell of spices as it warms on the stove is just so cozy.

Favorite holiday song:

This is a hard one for me. My cousins do mashups of pop songs with made-up Christmas lyrics every year and those are pretty amazing.

Least favorite holiday song:

Whatever that song is about the kid buying shoes for his mom who might die.

Favorite holiday movie:

It’s a Wonderful Life. I can’t say enough good things about that movie.

Gets me every time.

Are you a good gift-giver?

Consistently? No. I have an agreement with most of the people in my life that we’re not exchanging gifts. Sometimes I break that rule because I think of something amazing. I do give my mom a personalized (sometimes custom) tree ornament every year.

Favorite holiday tradition:

My family and friends hook up a trailer to a tractor, cover it with hay, and go Christmas caroling through the neighborhood.

Favorite holiday cookie:

I abstain. All cookies are equal.

Favorite holiday drink:

I am a fiend for eggnog chai! Add a shot of espresso, some whipped cream, and nutmeg on top, and I feel like I'm camped out by the fireplace in a beautiful log cabin on the mountains, even though I'm in Florida and it's hot outside and there's no reindeer on my roof, only gators.

Favorite holiday song:

I love almost all classic Christmas music, but when I was little, I would flip out and dance and scring (scream and sing) any time 'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas' came on the radio.

Least favorite holiday song:

'Dominick the Donkey' or 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer'

Favorite Holiday Movie:

Die Hard.

(I don't care whether you think it's a Christmas film or not. :P)

Are you a good gift-giver?

If I know a person well, yes. If I don't know the person?

"Um, I thought you might like this paper shredder..."

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Watching White Christmas with my mom while we wrap presents (and maybe eat a bunch of cookies) together.

Favorite holiday cookie:

Anything with chocolate and without nuts of any kind.


Most photos: Andrew Lesny | Photo in '940 Shows' Icon: Liquid Lindy

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