Season's Greetings!

We're so happy to have you!

Whether naughty or nice, we hope you're enjoying a wonderful winter season.

We are currently booking our 2020 tour!

One of the things we see all the time on our page is people asking us to come to their festival. Thank you, friends! We would love to see you, too!

The BEST way to make that happen?


If you let them know you want to see us, they'll be more interested in having us there.

So let's go, gang! We want to see you next year, too!

Gary Defeyter took a video of us performing 'Storm Song' at the Sarasota Medieval Faire. He posted it on his private facebook page to show it to his wife, but a friend of his asked him to make it shareable. Next thing we knew, the video was getting shared all over the place, and at last glance, it had 1,295,777 views.

We launched our facebook page in 2012 and have been figuring out how best to utilize it ever since. It's still a work in progress for us (what do people want from bands on FB?), but we've hit the huge milestone of 10k followers!

It's hard to believe it's been eight years since we performed our first show--nine if you count the preview we did for family and friends in the winter of 2011. To our oldest fans, thank you for sticking with us. To our newest fans, welcome to the family! Here's to the next 940 shows!

Check it out!

We no longer carry physical copies of this mini album, but you can download the digital version for $4.99 on