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Hello Soulless Friends

Sam from Sirena here. I want to start by wishing everyone and their families the best of health and peace in a very bizarre and tumultuous time. Festivals, theaters, concerts, schools, bars, restaurants, and gatherings of all kinds are suddenly being shut down left and right for the safety of our friends and family. It is an absolutely worthy cause with incredibly unfortunate side effects. The number of people affected is huge. I predict I am not the only person here suddenly finding it more difficult to breathe deeply and get a peaceful night's sleep.

That being said, I’ve also never quite seen a rise from a community such as the one that is taking place right now. There is currently more digital presence and support from artists, vendors, and fans than ever before. Live-stream concerts with donation links, online stores and webpages, Patreons with brand new styles of content—the list of ingenuity and support goes on. Multiple people have reached out asking how they can help us during this time, and I don’t even know how to begin expressing what that means to us. Whether you are a new fan or old, you guys are the best. We could not ask for better fans, friends, and family. Thank you. We are going to do everything we can to continue bringing you the music and the show you deserve.

So what does that mean for right now? Earlier in the season, we announced a wonderful tour s