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Hello Soulless Friends

Sam from Sirena here. I want to start by wishing everyone and their families the best of health and peace in a very bizarre and tumultuous time. Festivals, theaters, concerts, schools, bars, restaurants, and gatherings of all kinds are suddenly being shut down left and right for the safety of our friends and family. It is an absolutely worthy cause with incredibly unfortunate side effects. The number of people affected is huge. I predict I am not the only person here suddenly finding it more difficult to breathe deeply and get a peaceful night's sleep.

That being said, I’ve also never quite seen a rise from a community such as the one that is taking place right now. There is currently more digital presence and support from artists, vendors, and fans than ever before. Live-stream concerts with donation links, online stores and webpages, Patreons with brand new styles of content—the list of ingenuity and support goes on. Multiple people have reached out asking how they can help us during this time, and I don’t even know how to begin expressing what that means to us. Whether you are a new fan or old, you guys are the best. We could not ask for better fans, friends, and family. Thank you. We are going to do everything we can to continue bringing you the music and the show you deserve.

So what does that mean for right now? Earlier in the season, we announced a wonderful tour schedule filled with exciting new venues in the midwest and along the west coast. As of today, two of our new destinations have been canceled, and each new day brings more talk of a longer suggested quarantine. The hard truth here is that we don’t know when we will get to bring our live show to you on a stage again. I’m praying it’s sooner rather than later.

Like so many other performers on the renaissance festival circuit, this show is our full-time job, and if we aren’t doing Sirena, we are each involved in performance or entertainment in other capacities. Since COVID-19 shut down almost every job we each had scheduled for the foreseeable future, we suddenly find ourselves with more free time than we planned. Panic not—we are going to use it wisely. Over the next few months, we’re planning on using our time to bring you a brand new album with all new music. We can’t promise you a release date yet, but we CAN promise that the new album will possess the same amount of care and passion that we strive to put in all of our work. We won’t let you down. One of my favorite things about working with Amanda and Tegan is that no matter what obstacle we come up against as a group, we’ve always managed to work through it together via the love of what we do, and the love we have for each other. A worldwide pandemic shutting down our performance tour is definitely not one of the obstacles I was personally expecting, but hey, if we can get through this, we can get through anything.

If you’d like to offer financial support while we create this next album, we have a few different avenues you can take. First, our online store has two new items: pins, and a limited run of autographed posters. Second, if you already possess all of our albums, bumper stickers, pins, (new last season!) and posters but still want to contribute, you can send a gift online through our PayPal link: Your contribution will be split evenly between the three of us, and it will be used to offset the loss of income from canceled gigs due to COVID-19.

In closing, I want to express my gratitude for all of you. Music is powerful and healing, and your continued support has allowed us to share it with you for 8 years now. Whether you have seen our show live in the past or are a newcomer from seeing our material online, music brought us together then, and it is still bringing us together now. (Just not closer than the recommended 6ft, obviously.)

Thank you for supporting our wild endeavors to sing about love, loss, and drowning in storms, and as long as you all keep showing up, we’ll continue to devour your healthy, and probably very hand sanitized souls. Stay safe out there friends. We hope to see you soon.

- Sam

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