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Happy New Year!

Make it count. Learn a new skill.

Take the trip you've been wanting to take.

Be good to your loved ones.

Forgive your enemies (for your own sake).


Our New Year's Resolution


Get Connected

We will strive to give you more content and more communication. We have our facebook, instagram, and youtube pages to give you updates, but this newsletter is where it's at in 2018. Thanks for subscribing! We hope you're enjoying what you see so far.

Along that line of thought, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our next recurring feature:

​​​​​​​Last season, we took a night and a day to film our experience as Sirena.

The footage we gathered is being used to produce a mini-series.

Email subscribers will also receive extra bonus footage as a thank you for signing up.


Did you miss the last newsletter? Don't worry. The rest of them are here.

Want to request what song is next on 'Behind the Lyrics'?

Have a question you want answered?

Reply to this email and let us know your thoughts.

Happy New Year, Friends!


Amanda, Sam, and Tegan

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