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Happy Holidays, Hunted!

Here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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And now a new feature...

"Ocean Flower"

The first track on Of A Sister Sky

written by Sam Nolte

Here's what Sam has to say about this haunting, powerful song.


"The idea of watching your soulmate die in front of you is something that has haunted me about Raidne’s origin story since we first started writing Sirena. It created for me this extreme struggle between the reality of death and a soul’s desire for life, between utter helplessness and a visceral, concrete NEED for this person to survive. The idea that one would offer their entire soul, the thing that grants them the capacity for love in the first place, in order to keep their loved one alive is such an epic sacrifice, but in Raidne’s case, it’s not like a contract was signed that said it would work. Poseidon took his offered soul and carried on his merry way, leaving an empty, soulless Raidne behind.

The flower image came from doing a visualization about this moment in Raidne’s story. Hair floating underwater has always made me think of flower petals and sun rays. It actually creates this really calm, serene image. While imagining this scenario for Raidne, it blew my mind how looking at this strangely peaceful image of a loved one drowned at the bottom of the ocean created such a crazy, tumultuously chaotic response in my heart. I think the imagery of the flower and the drive of the percussion captures the same feeling."



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Happy Holidays, Friends!


Amanda, Sam, and Tegan

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