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Hello, Soulless

Greetings and welcome!

You are among the first members of Sirena's brand new email list.

We've seen a rising trend in comments like, "I missed this!" "I wish I'd known you were in my town!" "I would have come to your show if only I'd known about it!"

We figure, everyone checks their email. It's how WE connect with each other in the off season. With this newsletter, it's our hope that you won't miss a single announcement, freebie, song, or video ever again!

Speaking of... how do you like the teaser trailer above for "A Day in the Life of Sirena"? We'll be sharing unlisted videos EXCLUSIVELY to those of you on our email list. So, if you know other Sirena fans, be a good friend and let them know where they can sign up.

This first letter is mainly to iron out the kinks with the program and get feedback from you on what you'd like to see and hear from us in future updates.

So don't be shy! Take our three question survey. Let us know if you like the look, the length, the feel, etc. of this email. Tell us what you'd love to see in these newsletters. Dream big! Think creatively. Let's figure this out together.

Thanks, Soulless.


Amanda, Sam, and Tegan

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