The Sirens return with a dynamic, mythos-inspired album filled with intricate harmonies, driving rhythm, and bone-chilling lyrics. Lose yourself in a journey of love, loss, and mortality. We dare you to stay afloat.

The Odyssey

  • This is a physical CD. If you would like to download the album, it is available on Itunes, amazon, and CDBaby.

    Packaging: 4-Panel Standard

    Track List:

    1. The Prologue
    2. Maelstrom
    3. The Final Night
    4. Endless Memory
    5. Song of the Valkyrie
    6. How Do I Love Him?
    7. Prayer to the Sea
    8. Desleal
    9. La Prima Vez (Feat. Thomas Nuendel)
    10. Siren Sky
    11. Night Shall Fall
    12. Drown This Broken Heart