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Thursday, September 21, 2023

A little under a year ago, we announced that Sirena and Valkyrik would be taking an indefinite hiatus. We are returning today to announce that we (Sam and Tegan) have come to the mutual conclusion that we will be retiring both shows permanently. We have no shortage of gratitude for the love and support you have all given us through the years, as well as pride in the epic shows we created together. That said, life is ever changing and with the ending of Sirena and Valkyrik we make way for the new directions life is taking each of us. We will post links below where you can find us in our individual future endeavors. 


Our music will remain available to stream and we will keep our online stores open until the end of 2023 for you to purchase physical merchandise. Starting in 2024, we will have Sirena and Valkyrik merchandise available through each of us individually until supplies run out so if there is something you are looking for, best to get it sooner than later!


Thank you again for your continued support and for allowing us to perform music we love for a living. We never took it for granted, and we hope we’ll see you in new incarnations down the road. 


<3, Sam and Tegan

Find Sam here: 

Find Tegan here: 


Travel back to the time of mythical gods, shipwrecked lovers, and the ethereal women whom all sailors both fear and adore: the Sirens.

Straight from the depths of the sea, Leucosia, Legeia, and Raidne bring you a show filled with drumming, dancing, and all-original music. Their songs will hypnotize you and their stories will touch your hearts, but hold on to your souls, or you might find you've lost them to the hands of the Sirens.


The Sirens

The Sirens

Asia Lupo | Leucosia

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Sam Nolte | Raidne

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Tegan Elliott | Legaia

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